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A touch late – but with this weather it doesn’t matter too much

I have just put out a pair of FLAT pinhole cameras to track the Sun’s path across the sky.  They should have gone out on December 21st but plenty of things got in the way – including Alan Sugar’s autobiography … Continue reading

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The book of the year!

O.K. so this might not have a great deal to do with deep-sky imaging – but I must share with you the “Book of the Year”.  Every page is a gem and it simply gets better and better as you … Continue reading

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EPOD – Brockenhurst church in the snow – large mosaic

Today’s EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day) is a 16-frame mosaic of St. Nicholas’ church in Brockenhurst taken during the recent snow fall.  This mosaic was stitched together using the amazing PTGui software package which does a great job … Continue reading

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The icing on the (Christmas) cake

On this Christmas Day I present to you the most intricate icing pattern you have ever seen.  This is the Mandelbulb (3-D Mandelbrot) only recently discovered.  What an amazing structure!  Happy Christmas 2010 to you all.

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Pinhole camera picture on yesterday’s Meridian Weather

You can see a short Video from last night’s Meridian Weather on here – copyright Meridian ITV – after a bit of experimentation I managed to get the video properly rendered 🙂

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Meridian Weather 22nd December 2010 with Simon Parkin

The 6-month pinhole camera image shown below made an appearance on last night’s Meridian Weather with Simon Parkin.  Actually came out well on the TV – congratulations to the technical team there at Meridian – and thank you Simon 🙂

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Winter Solstice 2010 6-month sub-exposure

Today the two pinhole cameras on the south-facing wall were opened up 🙂  The image below is a 6-month sub-exposure of my southern horizon showing the Sun’s path across the sky.  See how low it is in Winter!  You can … Continue reading

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NFO in the snow AGAIN 18th December 2010

Well there’s not much imaging getting done at the end of 2010 that’s for sure!

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Star Vistas – time is running out to get your friend’s Christmas gift

Sales of Star Vistas are rising rapidly as we approach Christmas 🙂  Get your copy ordered in time before stocks run out!

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So where are all the Geminid pictures?

Saw some beautiful Geminids last night between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. when it decided to cloud over.  Too lazy to go over to a New Forest dark site to photograph – I worked from the back garden – big mistake!!  … Continue reading

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