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Seven Sisters – today’s EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day)

Managed to get today’s EPOD with my process of the DSS2 data of the Pleiades region. Thank you Jim at EPOD for continuing to publish my work 🙂  

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A rather exciting evening at the New Forest Observatory 22/10/2013

Things got rather hair-raising at the New Forest Observatory last night with a display like I haven’t seen in over 10 years. Needless to say the picture was taken from indoors as it was just too scary to work outside … Continue reading

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Purchase your own unique New Forest Observatory deep-sky fine art portfolio for this Christmas!

For the very first time, the New Forest Observatory is offering a portfolio of deep-sky fine art images.  There are 3 portfolios on offer, a 5-pack, a 10-pack, and a 12-pack.  All images are printed on A4 HP Premium Plus … Continue reading

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Wide-field image of the Cocoon nebula and Barnard 168

The Canon 200mm prime lens and the Canon 5D MkII DSLR were put to good use a few days back grabbing a massive (10 x 6.8 degree) wide-field around the Cocoon nebula in Cygnus.  Using ISO 400 and f#4.5 with … Continue reading

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Kemble’s Cascade – test shot

A beautiful clear Moonless night last night meant I was up imaging until 2:00 a.m. – ah the joys of deep-sky astrophotography. I put the M25C OSC on the back of the Canon 200mm prime lens set at f#4 and … Continue reading

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Be ready in plenty of time for Christmas this year

A professionally framed deep-sky image from the New Forest Observatory will make the most stunning Christmas present for the astronomer in your family – and as all framed images form part of a numbered print run – your present will … Continue reading

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Image of the Month – October 2013

This month’s image is a wide-field taken using the amazing Canon EF200 f#2.8 prime lens and a Canon 5D MkII DSLR.  Piggy-back mounted on the C11 I took 10 x 5-minute subs at ISO 400 and f#4 with an IDAS … Continue reading

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