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The Navigator’s companion

A recent Noel Carboni process of mostly mini-WASP test data (I used one scope for imaging whilst trying to set up the other two scopes).  This is Polaris the alpha star in Ursa Minor.  Although it looks like a single … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan

In 1973 when I was 19 I left home to start work at Harwell and also to take an HNC at Oxford Polytechnic (as it was then).  This was a time of great awakening for me, I had found the … Continue reading

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I have this really huge problem with DNA

Well this site is about Life, the Universe and Everything, so where better to bring this up? I am just starting to read Carl Sagan’s “The varieties of scientific experience” and just in the first few pages it had me … Continue reading

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Greg’s “3” asterism in Leo

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through the constellation Leo using “the Sky 6” planetarium program when an amazing numerical asterism flashed into view.  It looked quite unreal and I wondered if it would look as impressive in the … Continue reading

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An observation on the General Theory of Relativity.

If you read Einstein’s little book “The Meaning of Relativity” Appendix II, you will come across a most interesting remark (by Einstein).  With regard to his General Theory of Relativity he poses the following two questions: 1)  Should one admit … Continue reading

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New Fractal renders

See plenty of new Fractal renders on my Flickr Mathematical Structures page.

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Image of the Month – April 2013

The image of the month for April 2013 is the stunning red star Mu Cephei.  As you know, I really like the impact the bright single star images have, especially when the single star is something very special. Mu Cephei … Continue reading

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