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Framed Cocoon mega wide field in the dining room

I have just hung the 5-foot wide framed image of the Cocoon nebula region in the dining room.  It looks awesome 🙂

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Living in the New Forest

Does have its advantages 🙂  This is the best time of the year for me with all the new foals, and the garden full of newly fledged birds.

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mini-WASP array project – the deck build

I have finally found someone that will build the 12 foot diameter octagonal wooden deck for the mini-WASP array at a price that doesn’t require me to take out a second mortgage.  Clearly the economic climate isn’t so bad that … Continue reading

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EPOD for today – the Leo Trio and Chertan from the New Forest Observatory

As always it is a very pleasant surprise to open up the Earth Science Picture of the Day page and find a Parker/Carboni image on the screen 🙂  Today it is the large widefield version of the Leo Trio taken … Continue reading

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Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major

Noel Carboni has just processed this data from a few days back.  Almost perfect imaging conditions that night and Noel had requested a Sky 90 image of Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major – so that’s what I did 🙂

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Turritopsis nutricula

Why would immortality be granted to jellyfish of all things?

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The Hyperstar III is once again back on the C11 :)

Today I removed the Sky 90 from the C11 and replaced it with a little Celestron refractor that I use as a guide scope.  The Hyperstar III has once again been fitted to the C11 for some phenomenally fast (f#2) … Continue reading

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Starlight Xpress Ltd sponsors the mini-WASP array

Huge thanks go to Terry Platt and Michael Hattey of Starlight Xpress Ltd who made me a deal I simply could not refuse on imaging cameras, a guide camera, and filter wheels.  Thank you for sponsoring the mini-WASP project guys … Continue reading

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IOM May 2011 – Spiral galaxy M106 (NGC4258) in Canes Venatici

The imaging object of the month for May 2011 is a Messier object, Spiral Galaxy M106 in Canes Venatici.  I particularly like this galaxy and have imaged it several times – it looks to me like a piece of celestial … Continue reading

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