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The saga continuum’s – I am not going to be beaten on this (famous last words?)

O.K. this is a continuation of the attempt to add a third monitor to my system saga.  Let’s recap how we got to the present state.  Bought an ATI Radeon 5770 card as it said it supported 3 monitors – … Continue reading

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You won’t believe this – it actually gets worse!

Towards the end of last year I was getting more than a bit annoyed about the lack of 3 monitor control with the ATI Radeon 5770 card.  To refresh your memory in the large print in the spec towards the … Continue reading

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EPOD for today – NGC1333 and dust clouds in Perseus

Pulled up EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day) a couple of minutes ago and unexpectedly found the NFO image of NGC1333 looking back at me.  It really is a stunning region of space and the eerie-looking dust clouds gives … Continue reading

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Marooned off Vesta February 19th 2010

Lovely clear night last night, and perfect for trying to capture the asteroid Vesta now leaving the head of Leo.  46 subs at 200-seconds per sub with the C11 and Hyperstar III – image captured and processed by Greg Parker at … Continue reading

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Vesta in Leo

If it stays clear for long enough, and I’m imaging in the right place – then tomorrow sometime I should be posting up an image of the asteroid Vesta which is passing the star Algieba in the constellation Leo right … Continue reading

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Amazon dot com

Star Vistas is now below $7!  Even with postage from the States, you can now get Star Vistas for less than half the U.K. Amazon price – extraordinary!

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Global warming/climate change – tactics

O.K. so while I’m at it I might as well rant a bit about global warming too – at least it’s slightly less removed from deep-sky imaging than the topic below. Whilst the “experts” continue to debate whether climate change/global … Continue reading

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One of the greatest con-tricks carried out by this Government – so far.

Unfortunately the aging grey cells have been triggered into mild action having written about Prof. P. T. Landsberg and the University of Sussex.  This is a long way from deep-sky imaging, but this is my blog and I can write … Continue reading

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Professor Peter T Landsberg

I have just heard some very sad news – Professor Peter T Landsberg has died over this weekend 🙁  Landsberg is a name you will be familiar with if you have studied Thermodynamics (Entropy), Quantum Mechanics, or Time to any … Continue reading

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IC2169 reflection nebula in Monoceros

Several clear nights in a row recently and I concentrated on just one beautiful region – IC2169 and surroundings in Monoceros.  This reflection nebula lies just to the right of the cone nebula, in fact the red emission nebulosity over … Continue reading

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