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A Couple of Additional Tweaks

A couple of tiny additions cleans it all up very nicely. A quick run of the Photoshop “despeckle” tool works absolute wonders (top image) and the last couple of stragglers are removed using the “Spot healing brush” tool in Photoshop … Continue reading

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Russ Croman’s StarXTerminator

Very recently I downloaded the free trial of Russ Croman’s StarXTerminator to check out how it fared with some of my images. Better with some than others, as to be expected, and I was not yet fully on-board with actually … Continue reading

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I had Forgotten all About This One

I had completely forgotten that I had put this one together.

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Messier 100

Here’s one from 2018. This is one of only a few images taken on the Hyperstar III/SX 814C OSC CCD combo. This is galaxy M100 and friends which lies north of the Markarian Chain of galaxies.

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The Fermi Paradox and Overlap Time

We have only been sending radio signals out into space for something like 80 years, and we have only been looking for extraterrestrial signals for a good few years less. The way we’re going with planetary destruction, the threat of … Continue reading

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Collimating the Hyperstar V4 on a Celestron Nexstar GPS 11.

The biggest pain involved in getting the best out of a Hyperstar is getting the collimation sorted. As it was a full Moon last night I thought I would start from scratch (deliberately way out of collimation) and then see … Continue reading

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M45 – The Pleiades – Reload Winter 2022

This is only 27 x 3-minute subs on the Hyperstar 4 (on a C11) with an ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS camera – image taken last year. So what am I going to do this year? Well the image shows that … Continue reading

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Composite IC2087

This is a composite image of the IC2087 region combining 17 x 20-minute subs from the 200mm lenses and the Trius M26C OSC CCDs, and 26 x 15-minute subs from the 200mm lenses and the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras. … Continue reading

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