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Are the colours in the NFO deep-sky images “real”??

I touched on the answer to this one earlier when I commented on the public’s misunderstanding of the use of Photoshop in image processing.  To recap very briefly on the use of Photoshop in digital image processing deep-sky images, nothing is … Continue reading

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Jump in UK Star Vistas sales!

I have seen a big jump in UK sales of Star Vistas over the last couple of days – absolutely no idea why.  Maybe there’s been a review somewhere that I haven’t seen.  Whatever the reason – enjoy!!

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Meridian weather video from March 10th 2010

Simon Parkin presented the Meridian TV weather on March 10th around 6:30 p.m. and showed the beehive cluster image (Messier 44) taken just the night before from the New Forest Observatory 🙂  Noel Carboni processed the data as usual to … Continue reading

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New “star spike” software from Noel Carboni

Noel Carboni has brought out a new PhotoShop plug-in that allows you to put “star spikes” on bright daytime objects as well as on stars in your deep-space images.  Add an extra “zing” to you photographs of jewellery, or those … Continue reading

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New Forest Observatory – 130,000 hits!

Today the New Forest Observatory website clocked up its 130,000th visitor.  Next announcement when we hit 150,000 🙂

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Print of the Month

On a fairly regular basis (but probably NOT monthly) I shall be offering a “Print of the Month” at a significantly reduced price.  This will be an A3 full colour, full-resolution print using HP Glossy 250g/m2 Advanced Photo Paper and the … Continue reading

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mini-WASP update

I have a new all-Aluminium connector designed and built for connecting an SXM26C (or H18 mono) CCD at the correct metal-back distance to the focal reducer on the Sky 90 refractor.  I am just getting a further 3 of these … Continue reading

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Probus club talk 13th April 2010

Prof. Greg Parker will be giving a talk on “The Magic of Photography” at the Brockenhurst Probus Club on 13th April 2010.  He will discuss high-speed photography, photomicrography and of course deep-sky imaging with an accompanying PowerPoint slide show of … Continue reading

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Three screens with a Hubble desktop

So what does it look like in the NFO Control Room with the 3-screen system running a high-resolution Hubble image screensaver?

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The velocity of light in vacuo

The extremely fast – but ultimately finite velocity of light in vacuo, strikes me as very odd.  Why does it have this particular value?  Wouldn’t it be very interesting if the finite velocity of light in vacuo is actually telling us … Continue reading

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