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A Maths Problem for You

Here’s a simple little maths problem for you to look at, if you like that sort of thing. For what value of x does the following equation hold true? x^n + 2.x^n+1 = x^n+3 Where x^3 is x cubed.

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The Full Stellar Spectral Classification

Kemble’s Cascade alone has R N and S-type stars in the frame. In case the labelling on the image itself doesn’t come out too well, the TOP labelled star is BD Camelopardalis S-type, the MIDDLE star is V Camelopardalis N-type, … Continue reading

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The Golden Solid Angle

I made a typo on the original, so here’s the typo fixed: 

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MiniWASP Statrep

For some totally unknown reason I don’t think I’ve published the latest (stable?) incarnation of the MiniWASP array. So here it is! The lower section of the MiniWASP (the black Aluminium box housing) contains 3 x Sky90s and top right … Continue reading

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Life on Earth

Earth was created about 4.5 billion years ago, first life appeared about 4 billion years ago. So as soon as Earth was cool enough for complex life molecules to assemble, there they were, complete and ready to go. Now fast … Continue reading

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The Origin of Life

Now here’s the problem – and I think it’s a real biggy. I asked a while back if there were any double helical molecules anybody knew of that were NOT associated with life. Looks to me like there aren’t any, … Continue reading

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The Transitory Nature of “Race”

I am currently reading Christopher Hitchens’ book “God is Not Great” and it brought to my attention something I had completely missed when I wrote about the fallacy of “Race”.   As I said in an earlier post, if we … Continue reading

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A Super-Universe?

Webb results imply to me that there is an overall “Super-Universe” of infinite size and infinite lifetime – and our particular Universe is just one of many (infinite maybe?) sitting within it. Little Universes (like our own) are popping up … Continue reading

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Webb Telescope and Halton Arp

Here’s a BIG prediction for you. Remember you saw it here first. The way things are developing with the Webb telescope observations – I predict that Halton Arp’s theories (re quasars) are going to be confirmed sometime soon.

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From 7 years ago.

More than 100 Nobel laureates tell Greenpeace International: Stop opposing genetically modified foods that could improve nutrition around the world. As a “scientist” I have a real problem with this – the problem being that I agree with Greenpeace and … Continue reading

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