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The Veil Nebula in Cygnus Imaging Project: 90% Complete

For me, the imaging object of Summer 2007 has been the Veil Nebula region in Cygnus.  This is to-date the greatest amount of data taken by me on one object, during one period – ever.  I’m not too sure I’ll be … Continue reading

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Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden Treasures (Stephen James O’Meara)

This is the third Stephen James O’Meara book in the Deep-Sky Companion series and it is the biggest and heaviest! I had this one on pre-order with Amazon for over a year.  Twice the publication date was put back it seems … Continue reading

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Power Cuts and Surges

We seem to have more than our fair share of power cuts in Brockenhurst and this has resulted in damage to both my computer and to the Celestron motor drive boards, both of which are very unpleasant experiences as you … Continue reading

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BBC Radio Solent Interview (Wednesday 29th August 2007 at 7.50am)

Hot news for today – I had a 10 minute radio interview with Julian Clegg on BBC Radio Solent this morning between 7.50-8.00am talking about our astrophotos.  The BBC want me back on the show when the book Making Beautiful … Continue reading

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The Express (27th August 2007)

If you are a reader of The Express then you might have seen a half page article on page 23 of Bank Holida Monday’s Express.  Ok, so the picture doesn’t do me any favours [thanks for the suggestions about supporting garments Noel!]. … Continue reading

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Deep Sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects (Stephen James O’Meara)

This book starts with a foreword by Patrick Moore.  Why a foreword by Patrick Moore?  Because the Caldwell list is Patrick’s list – his full name being Patrick Caldwell-Moore, and he didn’t want to use the Moore (M) for fear … Continue reading

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Southern Daily Echo (22nd August 2007)

Hi Everyone! Lucy Clark interviewed me the other day and a photographer came to the exhibition on Saturday (19th August 2007) for her article titled Stunning shots of the sky at night.  It is appearing today in the Southern Daily Echo in … Continue reading

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Starscape II – A great turnout!

Today, I found out that 160 people attended the Friday night opening of the Starscape II Exhibition!  I certainly don’t get a turn out like that for one of my 9.00 a.m. lectures 🙂 A very big thank you goes to … Continue reading

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Deep Sky Companions: The Messier Objects (Stephen James O’Meara)

 When you first start observing or imaging, the Messier list of objects is a very good place to start looking for nice deep-sky objects in the Northern Hemisphere. Stephen James O’Meara has produced a beautiful reference work on the Messier … Continue reading

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Starscape II – Opening Night

Opening night was very busy with over 120 people attending!  This was quite a lot more than I was expecting, but the hall is good for parties up to 200, so there was some spare standing room.  Met up with … Continue reading

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