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Registar – registration software

I have just purchased some incredibly powerful registration software called Registar.  I played with the free download version for a few days before deciding I couldn’t live without this one and bought it today 🙂  It is really useful to … Continue reading

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Meridian weather picture for December 28th 2009 – a festive deep-sky image from the NFO

Here is a short clip from the Meridian weather forecast from December 28th 2009. Copyright Meridian TV.

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Meridian weather 6:45 p.m. tonight

I believe that the Cone nebula and Christmas Tree cluster will feature on tonight’s Meridian weather.  Keep an eye out around 6:45 p.m. 🙂

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Total visits to the NFO site on 24th December 2009 – 4341

Yesterday, following publication of our Gamma Cass and friends image on Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) – the New Forest Observatory (NFO) site got 4,341 visits!!  Usual daily visit rate is around 150.  Such is the power of APOD … Continue reading

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Not only is it Christmas Day – it’s Noel’s birthday too!!

Happy Birthday Noel!!! Looking forward to even more great collaborative images for 2010 🙂  Hopefully by the summer we’ll be working on data from the mini-WASP array – that’ll set the cat amongst the pigeons 🙂

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NFO now over 110,000 hits!

The surge of hits from our recent APOD has now pushed the number of hits on our site to over 110,000!!  Great way to be ending 2009 🙂 A couple of hours later and we’re now over 111,000 hits 🙂 … Continue reading

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Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD] 24th December 2009

And to follow on from yesterday’s EPOD, Noel & I managed to get today’s APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day).  This time it’s the Gamma Cassiopeia nebulosity and Gamma Cas itself in a wide field image taken using the C11/Hyperstar … Continue reading

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Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) for 23rd December 2009

Great news!  Noel & I managed to get today’s EPOD with a festive Christmas Tree cluster and cone nebula shot (EPOD have the picture upside down at the moment – but I’ve told Jim so it might turn up the … Continue reading

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Do I make imaging mistakes? Yes – here’s a really good example!

A couple of nights ago conditions were perfect for imaging – freezing cold, crystal clear, and no Moon to worry about.  Excellent!  I am going to get a ton of data on little NGC1333 in Perseus.  I do a two-star … Continue reading

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The pinhole camera project 7th September to 17th December 2009

I opened up the pinhole cameras a couple of days early just in case they were set in the wrong position, and also to check if the wettest November on record had made its mark.  One pinhole camera unfortunately DID … Continue reading

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