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Another Starlight Xpress M26C one-shot colour CCD for the NFO

I have ordered another Starlight Xpress M26C one-shot colour CCD – this time for the Hyperstar III.  Up until now I have been using the M25C on the Hyperstar III – a 6-Megapixel OSC giving me a 2.4 x 1.6 … Continue reading

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M101 5-hours of Hyperstar III data from February 2012 processed by Noel Carboni

This is the 5-hours of Hyperstar III data taken in February 2012 and processed by Noel Carboni.  As you can see, Noel has managed to bring out some of the very faint fine detail in the outer arms of M101 … Continue reading

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Ball-park pricing details added to the Image Agency page

It has been brought to my attention by people wishing to use my images in their advertising/promotion that there is no indication of the prices involved for image acquisition.  On the Image Agency page I have now added a pricing range … Continue reading

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mini-WASP pier extender fitted

Eric Kennedy of NTE Poole Ltd. brought over the all-Aluminium pier extender for the mini-WASP on Sunday. Today (Tuesday) I have just spent all day completely disassembling the mini-WASP to fit the pier extender and then rebuilding the whole thing … Continue reading

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No imaging tonight

And to finish off today’s photo marathon here’s a double rainbow over the New Forest Observatory. It’s tipping it down so hard right now I’m seriously considering using the decking for an ark.

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Rosette nebula composite – processing by Noel Carboni

Noel Carboni added that recent Hyperstar III data to our earlier Sky 90/M25C one-shot colour and narrowband data to give this stunning result!

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“Little Planet” 2

A second go at a New Forest Observatories “Little Planet” scene – taken today.

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A “Little Planet” image of the New Forest Observatories

I was sitting at the computer yesterday (Saturday) typing out some rubbish or the other when for some unknown reason I suddenly twigged how those “Little Planet” images are taken.  So I grabbed the Canon 5D MkII and a fish … Continue reading

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Reincarnation of the Image of the Week starting June 2012

There will be a reincarnation of the “Image of the Week” staring in June 2012, but it is likely to start off being an “Image of the Month”.  I will stop posting an imaging target at the beginning of each … Continue reading

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The never ending collimation problem

Clear night last night so could see if my collimation efforts had any effect. The scope that always had reasonable collimation was still o.k. the scope that had poor collimation was still poor.  Now seeing how they looked pretty much … Continue reading

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