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IOM November 2009 – the Gamma Cassiopeia region of Cassiopeia

Our long dark evenings now mean we can start early and easily get a good 6-hours on an object – weather of course permitting.  This Month’s object will do well with 6 or more hours total imaging time on it … Continue reading

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A brand new Paramount ME is on its way to the New Forest Observatory

Well it wasn’t a two week wait to see what happened – I crumbled just a few days after the last mini-WASP report and ordered up a Paramount ME from Kieron at SCS Astro – it is due to be … Continue reading

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New Forest Observatory – 100,000 hits and rising!!

Great news!  As you can see from the counter – New Forest Observatory now has in excess of 100,000 hits – that came around a lot faster than I ever imagined.  Please keep visiting NFO to keep up with the latest … Continue reading

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Stephenie Meyer

Who is Stephenie Meyer and what has she got to do with deep-sky imaging?  Well Stephenie Meyer is an American author, and as far as I know she has nothing to do with deep-sky imaging.  So what is she doing … Continue reading

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Statrep on the mini-WASP deep-sky imaging array

It’s been about a year since my last report on this project, and that last article actually said very little 🙂  I am on the point of putting my hand in my wallet (you cannot begin to understand the amount … Continue reading

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Meridian News weather picture October 10th 2009

The (evening) Meridian News weather picture for October 10th 2009 was the Double Cluster in Perseus taken from the New Forest Observatory.  I shall put up a very short video clip of this in the next few days.  The image … Continue reading

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Photographic exposures from 9-millionths of a second to 3-months

I just spent the day at Tony Allen’s photographic studio in Oxford with my high speed flash units.  We had another go at the water-filled balloons as they are so much fun.  Here’s a result from today’s efforts. This exposure … Continue reading

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Gamma Cassiopeia with new star spikes

Noel has just reprocessed an earlier image of Gamma Cassiopeia with the nebulae IC59 & IC63 lying close by – with the addition of some star spikes.

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Modification to the basic Celestron wedge

I was recently asked about a problem in maintaining polar alignment due to a heavy scope being cantilevered all over the place on a wedge.  The standard Celestron wedge (which I use) would also give you problems as the heavy … Continue reading

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