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Heart nebula image on Meridian News and Weather

The NFO made another appearance on tonight’s ITV Meridian News and Weather with Simon Parkin: Video clip Copyright Meridian TV

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Black border around screen/monitor

Now here’s a really annoying one you may have been putting up with for quite some time with no apparent solution. As you know on my super-duper-computer system I run 3 screens (one via an adapter which seems to create … Continue reading

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Perpetuum mobile – Indistinguishable from Magic :)

I was in Bristol yesterday opening the Star Vistas Exhibition at the Photo Gallery on Baldwin Street.  Just round the corner, up a flight of stone steps, is THE most amazing market I have been to in a very long … Continue reading

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The Photo Gallery Bristol – tomorrow – final reminder

Just to remind you that the Star Vistas deep-sky images Exhibition opens at the Photo Gallery in Bristol tomorrow evening.  I will give a PowerPoint presentation on the work carried out at the New Forest Observatory over the past 6 … Continue reading

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Slight change of plan

Having put the filter-wheel together it is too heavy, big and bulky to piggyback with the Sky90 on the C11 🙁  I will wait to fit this to the Sky 90 when it is in the mini-WASP frame early next … Continue reading

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Another component for next year’s mini-WASP array launch

I have just been looking at the equipment section of Steve Cannistra’s web site.  This section has proven so useful to me over the years (thank you very much Steve!!) that I thought I would give a “running commentary” on … Continue reading

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Tenerife AstroFest!!

I mentioned a while back that I would be posting details of an AstroFest event to be held in Tenerife in March 2011.  It looks like this is going to be a truly superb event – hope to see you … Continue reading

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Second Soul [IC1848] data set

Another clear Moonless sky tonight so I’m taking a second data set of the Soul nebula.  I did intend imaging the comet – but as it wasn’t clearly visible through the finder scope I have decided not to bother with … Continue reading

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An encounter with Count Zero at the Forbidden Planet book shop in London

Great day today – met one of my literary heroes 🙂  Went up to London with my son Adam and met up with an old school mate Dick Jude – who actually used to run the Forbidden Planet book shop.  … Continue reading

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Soul nebula

Nice clear Moonless night last night – up until midnight that is when in rolled the high cloud and imaging ended.  Got just over 3 hours on the Soul nebula IC1848 in Cassiopeia.  Looking at the data I probably need … Continue reading

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