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Turing – pardon?

I believe that recently Alan Turing has been pardoned.  Pardoned for what exactly? Shouldn’t the Government of the day actually be asking for forgiveness of the Government of Turing’s day for the vicious chemical assault of Turing? Let this be … Continue reading

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Definitive Cygnus Wall from the NFO

As it has been non-stop rain for days on end now, I have resorted to taking a look at old data. Just put together all the datasets I could find of the Cygnus Wall region taken with the Hyperstar III … Continue reading

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Pinhole camera loaded and ready to go!

Went into the garage and loaded up the pinhole camera tonight 🙂  All set and ready to go.  Will put it out tomorrow (one day early) and take it down on 22nd June (one day late) if I can keep … Continue reading

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New pinhole camera being prepared for December 21st 2013

I am putting together a new pinhole camera for this coming December 21st 2013 (Winter Solstice).  It will remain outside recording whatever Sun there might be until June 21st 2014 (Summer Solstice).  Big difference from the earlier pinhole photographs I … Continue reading

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North America nebula region with the Canon 200mm prime and the M25C OSC

Beautiful clear Moonless sky last night and I took the last shots with the 200mm and M25C as I am so impressed by this lens that I will shift it to the mini-WASP top-plate and put an M26C on it. … Continue reading

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The big 3

I put together a little montage of the 3 brightest stars for those living in Northern latitudes. You can see the image here. Sirius, Arcturus and Vega to similar scales and total exposure times, so this is relatively how they … Continue reading

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