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Enneper’s surface high resolution

O.K. so it wasn’t quite the last post for a while 🙂  I just found how to get higher resolution (PlotPoints) working in ParametricPlot3D – now I’m happy!

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Klein bottle

Last one for a while now – the Klein bottle:

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Lissajou’s figures

I guess it is clear from these postings that I haven’t seen a clear sky in a long while 🙁  What is even more annoying is that I’ve just hooked the Sky 6 up to the C11 so I can … Continue reading

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Enneper’s (minimal) surface

Two views of Enneper’s minimal surface created in Mathematica:

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Things are starting to get chaotic

Bifurcation diagram:

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Boy’s surface

And as I’m on a roll – here’s another surface – this time it’s Boy’s surface:

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When in Rome

I have always been interested in mathematical shapes and surface which is the main reason for the Mobius Loop appearing below (I don’t really think it has anything to do with the structure of spacetime).  However there have been a … Continue reading

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The base rungs by which we ascend

I came across this print of M42 while looking through some old notes.  Print you note – not data – the data has long gone.  So why a print?  Because when this first came out of the Hyperstar I and … Continue reading

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Christmas 2010 is coming up fast!

So why not buy a copy of Star Vistas for the budding astronomer in your family?  Also – with Forewords by Sir Arthur C Clarke, Sir Patrick Moore, and Dr. Brian May – this first edition is likely to become … Continue reading

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Got today’s EPOD with a panoramic (4-frame) view of Hurst Spit, the Isle of Wight, Hurst castle and Hurst lighthouse – plus Keyhaven salt marshes and the Solent.  There’s lots to see in this image 🙂  Thank you Jim for … Continue reading

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