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High speed flash photography – a reminder

For those of you looking for my high speed flash photography site can I remind you that you will find ultra-fast Xenon flash images here.

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The pinhole camera project

Just under one month to go before I open up the 4 pinhole cameras that have been looking towards the south for the past 5 months.  Time seems to pass at an ever accelerating rate – as Peter Landsberg said, … Continue reading

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Markarian central – the central frame of a Coma/Virgo mega-mosaic

This is the central frame of a large mosaic being constructed of the galaxy-rich region at the Virgo/Coma border – hot off the press from Noel Carboni.  We see Markarian Chain central and at the bottom M87 in this Hyperstar … Continue reading

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An interstellar alien beacon?

The photo below is an animation of two images of open cluster NGC7789 (in the constellation Cassiopeia), taken around 18 months apart, from the New Forest Observatory, Hampshire, U.K. The star sitting just below the open cluster has changed in magnitude during … Continue reading

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Get voting today!

Just went out and voted for one of the parties that does not wish to bring back hunting with dogs.  Brian May has created an effective campaign to make people more aware which parties have the strongest links to the stone-age.  And … Continue reading

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Got today’s EPOD :)

Managed to bag today’s EPOD with an image of the White Lady Falls, Lydford Gorge, Dartmoor National Park – the highest falls in Devon.  Thanks once again to Jim for publishing my work (even the non-deep-sky stuff 🙂 )

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IOM May 2010 – M97 and M108 in Ursa Major

The imaging object for this month is actually a pair of objects lying in the constellation Ursa Major.  M97 also known as the Owl nebula is a lovely little planetary nebula, so named as it has a pair of dark … Continue reading

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