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How far is a light-year in miles?

I get asked this question A LOT when I give my “Magic of Photography” talk, so I thought I’d put the answer to this one up on my site. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second, so all we need … Continue reading

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Jupiter and Mercury II

Another image from last night – but this time only 1-second exposure which prevented any significant trailing of the planets at this focal length.  Image processed entirely by yours truly for a change 🙂  There’s still a touch of spikes … Continue reading

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Jupiter and Mercury 13th March 2011

Just took this image a couple of hours ago.  Mercury is getting very close to Jupiter (closest in 3-days I think).  Noel cleaned up the image for me, so it’s been all the way to Florida and back before appearing … Continue reading

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ISS image on tonight’s Meridian Weather with Simon Parkin

The International Space Station image taken last night (and shown in the post below) made it onto Simon Parkin’s weather programme tonight 🙂  Footage Copyright Meridian T.V.

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International Space Station

A first for me – managed to capture the International Space Station crossing my southern horizon last night – Sunday March 6th 2011 at 6:57 p.m. – it is an amazing sight!  This was a nice long 3-minute crossing (as … Continue reading

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Patrick Moore party 5th February 2011

A very lively party at Sir Patrick’s last night, all the usual suspects present.  This was a double celebration of the 700th Sky at Night, and Sir Patrick’s birthday (which was the day before).  Sir Patrick had supposedly invited 70 … Continue reading

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First Light for the Scientific Artist

Dave Parker of Invisage Design has created a new web site for me called the Scientific Artist. This site will host all my images for deep-sky, macro, micro, high-speed, panoramic and conventional photography.  Each section will also discuss in-depth how … Continue reading

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IOM March 2011 – Open clusters M35 and NGC 2158 in Gemini

Our deep-sky objects for March 2011 are a pair of open clusters that sit nicely in the field of view of most imaging setups – these are M35 and close-by NGC 2158 in Gemini.  M35 (also labelled NGC 2168) has … Continue reading

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