Not IC2169

This is the second image from a while back that I took in the wrong place because the finder scope was off.  This should have been IC2169 but is instead a region centred on RA 96.82 degrees DEC -12.99 degrees – the only thing it has in common with IC2169 is that it is also in Monoceros 🙂  However, this image is a little more interesting than the last one.  Note the extensive dark nebulosity off to the left of the FOV and the very faint emission nebulosity lower/left centre.  There’s also plenty more stars in this image as well as a few faint fuzzies in the background.  Just goes to show how much is out there in just about any region of space if you image deep enough.  This was 20 subs at 6-minutes per sub, so this goes pretty deep as it is a Hyperstar III image.

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