Messier object number 1 – the Crab Nebula in Taurus – a supernova remnant

This data was collected on January 8th 2010 (I have not imaged since then due to bad weather) and I went for this region not to get the Crab nebula (which I knew would be very small in the field of view) but to try and capture an asteroid or 3.  M1 lies very close to the ecliptic, and whenever I have previously imaged objects close to the ecliptic I have always bagged a few asteroids too, usually some pretty bright ones.  Clearly as I had gone out with the intention of getting an asteroid – there were none visible in this data!  So all we have is a lonely looking Crab Nebula (a supernova remnant).  Image recently processed by Noel Carboni using averaged data (rather than SDmask stacked data).

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