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Camera returned, re-fitted and fired up – AOK!

Starlight Xpress returned the repaired CCD via Special Delivery just after lunchtime today!  I re-fitted it to the Hyperstar III and ran off a bias frame – Tom How confirms it now looks o.k. and we’re once again hot to … Continue reading

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On the cooler malfunction

Looking back over the images taken it appears that the cooler failed on January 17th 2010 – so nowhere near as long ago as I thought, and it wasn’t at the time the PSU went down.  The number of hot … Continue reading

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The Starlight Xpress mega-service

My M25C one-shot colour camera had an open circuit Peltier cooler (see post below).  Packed it and shipped it off Recorded Delivery yesterday (Monday) around 1:00 p.m.  Just got a mail from Michael Hattey 4:30 p.m. today (Tuesday) that it’s … Continue reading

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Thank you Tom How (Curdridge Observatory)!!!

Today it was brought home to me just how dangerous it is to work on your own in this imaging business.  Tom How is a local guy and an imaging expert, and we only recently realised that we hadn’t met up … Continue reading

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A Perseid from my Sodium light-polluted back-garden in Brockenhurst from early this morning

Testing out my all-sky imaging rig ready for next week’s maximum in the Perseid meteor shower.  AstroTrac, Canon 5D MkII camera, Canon 15mm fish-eye lens and Canon electronic shutter controller.  You might just make out a faint Perseid bottom left … Continue reading

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Blast it! Another go-deeper job I didn’t really want.

Last night I managed to grab the frame to the right of the Cocoon nebula – whilst at the same time getting some ultra-wide-fields of the Perseids using the Canon 5D MkII, 15mm fish-eye lens and AstroTrac.  Anyway – I … Continue reading

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Just one month to go!

Just a reminder that the Star Vistas Exhibition at the ArtSway gallery is now just one month off – put it in your diary now if you want to see the latest and best images from the New Forest Observatory.

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Another little rant courtesy of LibCon, ConLib, or whatever they’re called:

Yes, I know this is meant to be all about the New Forest Observatory – but as I mentioned before – it’s my blog and I can write what I damn well like. Welcome to the Big Society – are … Continue reading

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IOM August 2010 – The Cocoon nebula in Cygnus

Imaging conditions steadily improve as we proceed through August and once again reasonably dark skies can be had in the late evening – the only problem being if you have a day job to get up early for the next … Continue reading

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