IOM July 2012 – the whole of the constellation Leo

Rogelio Bernal Andreo is completely redefining amateur deep-sky imaging.  I have shown Rogelio’s work before in the NFO prequel “Image of the Week” and I continue to be completely blown away by the beauty and extreme high quality of his work.  Here we have a 54-frame mosaic, stitching together such a beast is no mean task in itself, I’m not sure if my computer could actually handle the file size!  The image covers an absolutely massive 41 x 19 degrees where the diameter of a full Moon is a mere half a degree.  Everything about this image shouts “quality”, “hard work” and “extreme dedication” to the hobby, congratulations Rogelio on creating yet another groundbreaking masterpiece.

You must see this image at much higher resolution on Rogelio’s site here.  Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience, better be sitting down 🙂


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