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I have very deep data of M13 and for the first time today I took a good look at the image to see if I could find “The Propeller”.

And there it was!!

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I think somebody up there knew it was my Birthday today and kept a clear pocket of sky over the New Forest Observatory last night when the rest of the UK was under cloud cover.

Here are 9 x 5-minute subs taken on a single Sky 90 with a 1-minute gap between subs.  The asteroid was moving in the constellation Canes Venatici and the bright star in the centre is SAO 63515 for reference.

I have a whole bunch of subs taken on the two 200mm lenses from last night and haven’t even had a chance to look at them yet.  More goodies to come.

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I saw on the Sky 6 that there were 3 bright asteroids in Leo, namely 16 Psyche, 29 Amphitrite and 62 Erato.  So when I processed the data this morning and only saw 2 I wondered what was wrong.  Checked on Guide 9 and there was no sign of Erato in the FOV, so the Sky 6 got it wrong for me.  Thanks a lot.

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Found I had this one on the hard drive while processing last night’s Procyon data.

This is the bright star just above Procyon – Gomeisa.

15 subs of 15-minutes taken with the Sky 90 array and M26C OSC CCDs.

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No Moon and some clear sky between 8:15 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Set up the 2 x 200mm lenses on the Procyon region for the first of 2 frames containing Procyon and Gomeisa.  Got the Procyon frame and cropped it down to fit with some earlier Procyon data taken with the Sky 90.  Here is the Registar bolt-together of the 2 datasets.

11 x 9-minute subs with the 200mm lenses and M26C cameras from last night.

Around 3-hours of 10-minutes subs from the Sky 90 and M25C from earlier.

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And here’s what can be done with my data when Noel Carboni (Florida, U.S.A.) gets his hands on it.

Sure hasn’t lost his touch!!

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I composited last night’s deeeep M45 data with some older shallower data with good colour and ended up with this result:

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Yet another beautiful clear Moonless night last night – and best positioned for some deeeeep imaging was M45, the Pleiades.

Managed to grab 18 x 40-minute (yes that IS 40-minute!!) subs and very quickly processed (leaving in the plane trails) just to see what I caught.

This shows more of the faint stuff in the region than I have managed to grab before with this kit.

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Hind’s Variable nebula, Struve’s Lost nebula, Burnham’s nebula, NGC1555 – they’re all the same thing and it is the orange thing in the centre of this image.

A beautiful clear night last night allowed me to grab 41 x 20-minutes to go with the 24 x 20-minute subs taken in 2014.

Sky 90 array with the M26C OSC CCDs.

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