The Veil Nebula in Cygnus Imaging Project: 90% Complete

For me, the imaging object of Summer 2007 has been the Veil Nebula region in Cygnus.  This is to-date the greatest amount of data taken by me on one object, during one period – ever.  I’m not too sure I’ll be doing this again 🙂

This image comprises over 17 hours of total exposure time including 3 and a half hours of narrow band H-alpha data.  Over 8 hours of Hyperstar data for the Witch’s Broom region was also included in this image [these 8 hours were extra to the 17 hours taken on the Sky 90/M25C].

Processing time more than equaled imaging time on this one and Noel excelled himself here managing to squeeze out the very last traces of the Veil amidst a mass of overpowering stars – and quite a lot of Moon glow!

Why is the project only 90% complete? 

I have only just ordered an OIII filter [from Ian King imaging] to try and boost the blue/green regions you can see in the image.  If I can add this data in before the Veil moves into an unfavorable region of the sky [only a week or two away now] then I may finish this mega-project off this year.

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