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Mobius spacetime

Is our Universe a 4-dimensional Mobius Loop giving the appearance of an infinitely large structure? Mathematica produced 3-dimensional surface with x= (1+0.5 v * Cos(0.5u))*Cos(u)  y=(1+0.5 v * Cos(0.5 u))*Sin(u)  z=0.5 v * (Sin 0.5u)

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Things are not always as they seem.

For some reason an incident that happened when I was 19 years old entered my mind twice today (early signs maybe?).  Perhaps this account will be of some use to somebody out there, you never know,  it might even save … Continue reading

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Just a potboiler while Noel is on walkabout

I took a look at the star map to see if there were any nicely coloured pairs of stars in close proximity to one another.  The “super Albireo” pair of Algol and Rho Persei stood out like a sore thumb, … Continue reading

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Starmus Festival Tenerife

You can read more about the Starmus Festival – Tenerife March 21 – 26 2011 – here 🙂

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Very interesting APOD today

An extremely interesting APOD today – and I wonder if this means that we are unlikely to find complex life-forms near Galactic centres.  Indeed – could this go some way to explain why the Ape descendants appeared in the quiet … Continue reading

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A video clip of the Paramount ME in action.

I connected up the Paramount ME to its 48V power supply which in turn goes to a 1000W uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in my attempt to protect the delicate Paramount motor boards and electronics from anything nasty coming down the … Continue reading

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Now the Paramount is in the study as well as the pier.

The Paramount has now been brought up to my study and is sutting on the Aluminium pier ready to be fired up.  Must admit I hadn’t planned for my study to be taken over with Astronomy equipment – but needs … Continue reading

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The all-Aluminium pier for the Paramount and mini-WASP array

I have just brought the massive all-Aluminium mini-WASP pier in from the shed.  I will set it up in the upstairs study with the Paramount on top to give a dry run for the computer and all the electronics.  The … Continue reading

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Crickey! Number 1 and 2 places in “Popular Astronomy” on Amazon

I often check to see how Star Vistas is doing on and got a bit of surprise when I just got in from walking the dog over the forest.  I have the number 1 and 2 slots in the … Continue reading

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First video diary entry for the new mini-WASP imaging array

Thought I would begin a video diary on the mini-WASP array project at this time even before the hole has been dug in the ground for the obligatory concrete block.  As we are all aware – any new observatory project … Continue reading

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