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Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson

I so thoroughly enjoyed the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson that I bought his biography of Einstein.  I have already read “Einstein Lived Here” by Pais, and “Albert Einstein Philosopher-Scientist” by Schilpp.  Isaacson’s biography (so far, only 100 pages … Continue reading

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Deep-Sky Image of the Week – Astrophotographer Steve Cannistra

Steve Cannistra needs no introduction as one of the very best amateur deep-sky imagers on the planet – and he holds down a responsible day job too 🙂  When I first started imaging it was Steve’s name and web site … Continue reading

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All four screens used for real for the first time today :)

I have started the long and arduous process of putting together another astronomy book today.  For the first time since setting the system up I actually needed to use all four screens to get this particular job done.  Up until … Continue reading

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The Cave nebula in Cepheus – blast from the past

Another deep-sky image from the NFO archives, and another original Hyperstar/H9C composition.  This time the Cave nebula in Cepheus.  I recall the tracking was so good on this one that I actually got some vertical banding where the tracking error … Continue reading

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IOM November 2011 – Phecda and galaxy M109 in Ursa Major

This month’s composition is a little different from the form I normally follow.  I wanted to get a nice bright single star image, but I also wanted something else of interest in the field of view apart from other stars.  … Continue reading

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M78 blast from the past

Another old image from the New Forest Observatory taken with the original Hyperstar and a little SXV H9C one-shot colour camera (1.4 megapixels only!).  The camera was highly sensitive and I regret selling it when I bought the APS-sized chip … Continue reading

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