MiniWASP Statrep

For some totally unknown reason I don’t think I’ve published the latest (stable?) incarnation of the MiniWASP array. So here it is!

The lower section of the MiniWASP (the black Aluminium box housing) contains 3 x Sky90s and top right is an 80mm guide scope with Lodestar camera. All 3 Sky90s have the f#4.5 reducer-corrector and the cameras are SX Trius26C OSC CCDs.

On the top of the frame there are 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses with ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras on the back. There is a USB controlled auto-focuser on each lens which makes imaging with this part of the system a complete doddle. Between the 200mm lenses is a 60mm Altair finder-scope with a webcam fitted on the back.

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