The Origin of Life

Now here’s the problem – and I think it’s a real biggy. I asked a while back if there were any double helical molecules anybody knew of that were NOT associated with life. Looks to me like there aren’t any, even very simple ones just a couple of coils long.
The Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, and yet during those 4.5 billion years no double helical molecule has been produced anywhere, I’m not talking DNA here thousands of coils long with many tens of thousands of base-pairs, I am talking ANYTHING, however short, with a double helical structure. Just to recap – with over 4.5 billion years behind us, no double helix apart from life.
The first life appeared on Earth as soon as it was cool enough to not break up complex molecules, and this seems to be around 4 billion years ago. So now, get this, life appeared on Earth just 0.5 billion years after it coalesced from space junk, and yet we wait another 4 billion years and no double helical molecule, no matter how simple in form, comes about. Don’t you find that odd?
There’s only one possibility as far as I can see. If a life molecule was present here on Earth just 0.5 billion years after its formation, then that molecule came, intact, from elsewhere. So this means either Fred Hoyle’s “Panspermia” where the life molecule arrived on a comet or some other space debris, or that the planet was intentionally “Seeded” by an advanced race. Note, if the “Panspermia” theory is true, then life exists somewhere else “out there”. If the seeded by little green men theory is true, then life definitely exists “out there”.
Whichever way you cut it – it looks like there is life “out there”.
How interesting.
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