Book Signing in November

There will be a book signing for the Springer publication “Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images” by Greg Parker in Waterstones bookshop on the University of Southampton campus [Highfield Road] in November 2007. 

Keep watching this page for the time and date 🙂

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  1. astromcnaught says:

    Hi Greg,
    I think I’ll get a copy but will have to see about the book signing event. Good luck on sales and so on.

    I hope you’re busy imaging comet Holmes. It was very beautiful tonight through my 8″ schmidt-cass and I thought the sky was pretty transparent judging by the atmosphere this afternoon.


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi there,
    Well I’ll let you into a little secret – I had been getting funny messages from Springer about the publication date – and now I’ve just found out why – they’ve sold out the first print run already (I think a book club cleared them out), that’s why when you look on the Springer site it now says January 20th 2008 for publication.

    Yep – I spent a few hours on comet Holmes – this is a truly fascinating object, even though it doesn’t have a nice “showy” tail. The night of October 30th was good for me too!

    Clear skies (but not for a few days I think) 🙂


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