Robofocus first light

I used the Robofocus for the first time last night.  Beautiful clear Moonless night, not what you usually get when you are trying out a new piece of astro gear.  There is an auto Wizard jobby that comes with FocusMax that does everything for you.  It says to click on the “go” button and “sit back and watch the show” 🙂  It really is a great show and the setting up was effortless using the Wizard.  I can “fine tune” the system manually later.  What are the results?  Well after manually focusing for a few years now I think I can probably do as good a job as the Robofocus, but not as quickly.  Also, once you’ve calibrated your system, then clicking on “focus” will let Robofocus loose to focus your system which it will do in less than 90 seconds (in my case).  And that for me is where the power of the Robofocus lies!  I don’t think it can focus a great deal better than me, but I used it to check focus after each hour of imaging – and that is something I certainly wouldn’t consider doing with manual focusing.

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