The Veil nebula in Cygnus – a supernova remnant

Today is a landmark day for the New Forest Observatory.  After a marathon processing session involving a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and a hallucination-inducing lack of sleep – Noel Carboni has just finished processing the Summer 2007 mega-project, the Veil nebula in Cygnus!

This is a 2-framer using the Sky 90/SXVF-M25C combo and incorporates RGB, H-alpha and OIII narrowband data as well.  Total exposure time around 32-hours, total image processing time – at least the same.  It is clear that this object sits in the Milky Way – look at all those stars!

The most surprising thing about this object as far as imaging is concerned is what a huge impact even a little OIII narrowband data makes in bringing out the fine filamentary detail you see in this image.

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4 Responses to The Veil nebula in Cygnus – a supernova remnant

  1. Stunning image, Greg and Noel – a magnificent achievement!

  2. SteveL says:

    32 hours!…. not sure I saw 32 hours of clear skies during the whole of 2007 😉

    Am looking forward to seeing this object again, I missed it this time round (and is an ideal target for my Hyperstar)

  3. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Steve,

    Yes this is an ideal Hyperstar object! Won’t be too long before it appears again 🙂

  4. Greg Parker says:

    Hi the other Steve 🙂

    Glad you like it – Noel has actually just produced an even better version – I’ll post later.

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