Starizona FeatherTouch autofocuser – mea culpa!

Dean of Starizona is very much on the ball.  He just informed me that the problem I had last night was probably due to me putting the cog on the FeatherTouch the wrong way round.  I just went out to the observatory in the twilight and found that (as per usual) Dean was quite right!  I have now reversed the cog and it’s all systems go – thank you Dean!!!

 Looks like it may actually start off clear tonight, would do wouldn’t it with work tomorrow – but I must give this brilliant new system a trial if at all possible.  I’ll aim for a cluster in the Milky Way so I can keep to short subs and a short overall exposure time. I’m  now going to try and grab an hours kip.

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2 Responses to Starizona FeatherTouch autofocuser – mea culpa!

  1. SteveL says:

    Top marks to Dean @ Starizona.. again!

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Yep – he really is very knowledgeable about all the gear!

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