The Panosaurus arrives at the NFO

Well it has rained and/or been cloudy every day since the Coathanger image was taken.  You can almost believe there is a higher order deliberately out to frustrate the fun I can have with the new Hyperstar III.  Never mind, if I can’t work extra-terrestrially, it will be panoramas and macros with the Canon 40D.

What is the strange looking beast in the photograph?  This is a nice (cheap!) panoramic head for the 40D called a Panosaurus.  This strange-looking object allows you to rotate the camera about its nodal point when taking panoramic (multi-frame stitched) images, which in turn means that you minimise parallax problems making it an easier job for the stitching program.  Max Lyons uses one of these beasts to create his famous gigapixel images.  I will give it a go myself a little later in the year 🙂

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