Greek Astronomy

I spent last week at an electronics Conference in Athens, Greece.

Amazingly, from the Acropolis I could see two observatories – one actually down in the town (!) and another far away on a hilltop overlooking Athens.  I don’t think their light pollution can be too good!  The Conference dinner was over on the coast a few km from Piraeus – once again, the light pollution was pretty huge, Jupiter clearly visible over the sea, the summer triangle getter much dimmer overhead, and the plough practically wiped out inland.  It’s a great shame that the opportunity for great clear skies and good seeing conditions are so severely hampered by light pollution in Greece and on her islands.

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2 Responses to Greek Astronomy

  1. Panagiotis says:

    Dear Greg,
    as you can see in my website I have my observatory next to Acropolis, actually I don’t have a dome yet but it is in my plans and believe, the light pollution is just terible…..


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Dear Panagiotis,
    You are a brave man 🙂 As you say the light pollution is very bad in Athens, but good narrow band filters would allow you to get some imaging done. Personally I would go for a portable setup and head for the hills which are pretty good regarding the LP.
    All the best,

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