AstroFest 2011 High Street Kensington

Went to AstroFest yesterday to catch up with as many equipment vendors as I could – had a great time there.  Met Garik Israelian on the Starmus stand, Gordon Haynes on the Widescreen Centre stand, Michael Hattey on the Starlight Xpress stand, Gary on the Pulsar Optical stand, and Kieron on the SCS Astro stand.  Also “Hi” to Maury and crew on the Springer stand 🙂  Pretty busy (for a Friday) lots of people milling about and quite a few sales being made from what I could see – excellent given the tough economic climate.  Did I succumb at all – yes dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have gone along – but the new Pulsar 2.2m dome is just perfect for the new mini-WASP array with its ultra-smooth rotation and much wider aperture – I have to have one.  So the back garden is going to look like the Keck at this rate 🙂

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