The mini-WASP array 2011

As we leave winter and start heading for spring I am coming out of hibernation and beginning the final thrust of getting the mini-WASP array on-line.  Next week I am getting in some quotes for the concrete block and decking to go in and I’m checking out the prices for a new dome and new cameras.  I am extremely lucky that my nephew Dave Parker (the guy that created this web site) gave me a pile of computer gear he no longer needed – I am currently getting a mini-ATX system up and running with XP Professional for the second computer that I will need in the new dome.  So the interim mini-WASP system will be two Sky 90s with cameras and a Megrez 80 guide scope with guide camera.  This setup will give me a high resolution imager with a 4 x 3.33 degree field of view.

The final iteration of the mini-WASP array will use 4 Sky 90s each with its own camera giving me a high resolution 6 x 4 degree field of view!!  What a beast that will be 🙂

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