A tad annoying!

I imaged Capella at f10 a few nights back with the C11 (still not collimated the camera to the scope properly, but will work on it) and got a nice bright yellow star with a pretty boring background.  O.K. so use the Sky 90 to get a much bigger field of view with a nice bright yellow star in the middle.  Went out last night and took 28 subs at 3-minutes per sub.  Not good.  I bleached Capella out with 3-minute subs (I wasn’t actually expecting to do that) and now I have to retake the data with shorter subs, probably just a minute will be more than enough which seeing as that is close to my delay time between images as I use dither is getting a bit silly (I am effectively throwing away half my imaging time just to get rid of hot pixels).  Such is the life of a deep-sky imager – pure frustration!

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