M101 galaxy and the Cone nebula region in Monoceros

We had two perfect imaging evenings on Sat 18th Feb and Sunday 19th Feb – utterly superb.  I took M101 data on both nights, 3 hours of 5-minute subs the first night and 2 hours of 10-minute subs the second night.  For the earlier part of both evenings I imaged the IC2169 region in Monoceros.  First night was 3 hours of 10-minute subs on IC2169 itself, second night was 3 hours of 5-minute subs on the frame to the left (which captured Trumpler 5).  Reason for the second frame was to link IC2169 to some earlier Cone nebula data.  So here we have the results of two fantastic evenings’ worth of imaging 🙂


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