The Parker-Carboni double-team create the definitive M13 image

Noel Carboni has just processed all the recent Hyperstar III data to create this groundbreaking image of the region 🙂

Three hours of 10-minute subs, 1-hour of 1-minute subs and 1-hour of 50-second subs went into the creation of this image.  Why the short sub-exposures?  Because there was just a trace of burnt out of M13’s core with the 10-minute sub-exposures, surprisingly little actual and says a lot for the Starlight Xpress camera and the well overflow protection.

Noel also found a star with the very high proper motion in this image when he overlaid it with DSS data that he had processed some time ago.  So in twenty years the star shifted quite a bit (in distance on the image).

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