A 10-year Project Finally Completed

Last night (staying up until 3 a.m.) I was able to get the 3rd and final frame of this 3-frame mosaic of the whole of Corona Borealis. I first had the idea to capture this one a decade ago, but as this image was taken totally during astronomical twilight (as we have no hours of darkness at the moment) you can possibly see why it took me so long to get my act together.

Each frame is 20 x 10-minute subs, so 10-hours of data in all, taken with the 2 x 200mm Canon prime lenses and 2 x ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras on the MiniWASP array.

I am so pleased, and so relieved to finally get this one, that I will put this up as a future Picture of the Week sometime soon.

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