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Mercury and the crescent Moon II later in the evening

This image was taken later in the evening on the 6th May, just before Mercury got lost in the purple mush at the bottom of the picture.

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Mercury and the crescent Moon 6th May 2008

A nice astrophoto-opportunity arose on the 6th May 2008 – in the twilight sky, beautiful Mercury lay very close to a new Moon.  In a big departure from my normal astrophotography – I took the accompanying image with the Canon … Continue reading

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IOM May 2008: M81/M82 galaxy pair in Ursa Major

There are a superb pair of galaxies that are ideally positioned during May for imaging, and I find myself drawn back to them year after year.  The galaxies are M81, also known as Bode’s galaxy and M82, also known as … Continue reading

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