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O.K. so faster than light claim not quite as trivial as simply measuring a distance.

Having now read around this one a little I am very pleased to report that this isn’t as trivial a problem as getting the correct distance between source and detector.  It’s actually far worse than that 🙂  This is a … Continue reading

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I don’t believe it – now the speed of light might have been exceeded!

Having had the little rant below I can hardly believe I read in yesterday’s Daily Mail (only just picked it up today) that CERN Physicists think they might have seen neutrinos clocking up velocities greater than light.  And once again … Continue reading

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Please engage your brain and actually think for yourself – I know it hurts – but it’s far better than letting someone else do the thinking for you!

From the rather short title you may guess this is going to get to be a bit of a rant – at least it’s based on things astronomical.  I am getting asked stupid questions by a number of people (who … Continue reading

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The Hyperstar III is go again :)

We had an extremely rare clear and Moonless night last night – the stars were superb.  Hard decision time – what do I do?  Do I spend a great viewing evening on getting the Hyperstar III back up and running, … Continue reading

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The magic of the integers – a result found in “Ascent to Orbit”

As you know I like number theory and if I find something really interesting I’ll post it up here on the NFO site. I was flicking through Arthur C Clarke’s “Ascent to Orbit” yesterday when I came across a mathematical … Continue reading

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Registar says 68,200

A number of people have asked me how many stars appear in the Cocoon nebula 3-frame mosaic.  I use a program called Registar to link separate frames together so I can see how they all fit – and Registar will … Continue reading

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Starmus memories II

As it continues to pour with rain here in the New Forest – thoughts go back to the hot, dry days at the Starmus Festival in Tenerife June this year 🙂

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A darker background and the edge has been cropped 🙂

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NGC752 or Caldwell 28 – a 2-billion year old open cluster in Andromeda

The 2-billion year old open cluster NGC752 in the constellation Andromeda – together with a whole bunch of faint fuzzies (galaxies) in the background.  North is up in this image.

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NGC7380 emission nebula in Cepheus – narrowband H-alpha image from 2008

An H-alpha narrowband image of NGC7380 in Cepheus taken way back on October 11th 2008 – just found unprocessed on the HDD this morning 🙂

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